Rebecca Pack

Counselor, MA, LPCC-S

Rebecca Pack

I love what I do. I enjoy working with many different types of people and issues. I really enjoy doing group work as well. I have considerable experience working with people dealing with depression; self-esteem issues; divorce recovery challenges; sexual abuse trauma; PTSD; D.I.D.; a broad spectrum of relationship challenges.

Formational counseling--helping clients recognize why and what they believe, where those false beliefs originated and exploring what is truth--who are you created to be? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy--How do past experiences impact how you think about present circumstances? How are you interpreting life?

I connect easily with people and if there's a way to find the humor (appropriate) in something, I'll find it! I am direct, warm, enthusiastic and compassionate. My life experiences enhance who I am as a therapist.

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