Allison Riggs

Doula/Perinatal Mental Health, CD (DONA), PMH-C

Allison Riggs

I believe every woman giving birth deserves compassionate, informative care every step of the way. Research and our own hearts tell us that women feel most satisfied in their birth experiences, for the short and long term, when they feel they are in control throughout their labor and birth experience, and when they are the primary informed decision maker for themselves and their babies. It is my honor to come alongside women to serve and support them in this way. I doula with all of my heart and give my clients 100%.

In August 2023, I received certification as a Perinatal Mental Health Professional. I pursued this specialization as a way to professionally offer support to women in pregnancy and the postpartum period (up to a year after giving birth or adopting). Nearly 20% of women in America experience Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs); it is the most common obstetric complication in our country. There are ways to prevent and treat PMADs through various forms and it is my joy to meet with women and sometimes their families to serve them wherever they are on their journey.

I have been trained through doula organizations ToLabor (in 2014) and DONA International (in 2018), completing certification in June 2019 with DONA, the most recognized doula training and certifying organization worldwide. I am certified as a Perinatal Mental Health Professional through Postpartum Support International since August 2023. I am also a part of a doula group, Licking County Doula Collective, in the county I reside where we serve and support our neighbors together.

To get in touch with me, please visit my website, and send me a message.

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